ZODIAC Liferaft

Davit-Launched size 8, 12, 16, 20, 25, 37 persons

Designed for cargo ships, passenger ships & offshore and approved by the main Maritime Administrations, whatever your national flag is, a SurvitecZodiac Davit Launched liferafts will match your need.Advanced Features

– Manufactured with durable polyurethane coated fabric
– Assembled using ThermobondingTM (advanced hot assembly technique), our liferafts are:
* Consistent (computer-controlled technique)
* Inert to aging factors in marine environments
* Extremely strong and safe when loaded
* Easy to service and fit in small light glass reinforced plastic container for quick access to lifting bridle
* To be launched by a davit or dropped from up to 36 meters (emergency situation)
* Submitted to tests: 4 times overload, fully loaded 3 meters drop, side impact and side abrasion
* Equipment packs sealed in strong watertight bags, secured inside the liferaft
* Approved EPIRB on request

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Zodiac’s patented extended service liferafts provide up to 2.5 years (30 months) between the service intervals, providing savings to vessel owners and operators. An additional benefit of the extended service pack is that the liferaft does not have to be removed, transported and re-installed annually.

These durable liferafts have been designed for commercial vessels operating offshore where SOLAS approvals are required. Unique features of this range are the availability of a low profile container that can be mounted either vertically or horizontally providing more installation options and the protective pouch the liferaft is packed in,providing the extended service benefit. The LPC containers are available in the 4 to 8 person sizes only.

  • Extended service up to 30 months between service intervals.
  • Reduced handling-benefits owner/operators by reducing costs.
  • Available in sizes from 4 – 50 person capacity.
  • Transport Canada/SOLAS approved.
  • Thermo bonded polyurethane construction.
  • Extensive service station network.
  • Packed in a watertight, sealed protective pouch, providing better protection from the harsh marine conditions.
  • Self bailer (6-50 person only).
  • Instant foam insulated floors (no inflation required).

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แพชูชีพ, ZODIAC,แพชูชีพ throw over,แพชูชีพ davit launched,ซ่อมแพชูชีพ,เสื้อชูชีพ,liferafts Equipment

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